Winter Weather causing issues with your roof?

Winter weather can put stress on roofing systems. Here are a few examples:

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Commercial Roofing:

  • Flat roofs hold snow which can add weight to your roof system during the winter.  This weight can compress insulation and cause problems with building supports.  Having a good taper system can minimize these issues.  When snow melts, water can reach places on your roof that don’t get moisture during normal rain storms, causing “surprise” leaks.  Weathercraft Roofing can find these leaks and help you design improvements to your roof system which will help prevent these issues during cold weather.
    • One way to help prevent this is to make sure that the drains on the roof are free from obstruction, so that water can drain properly instead of pooling on the roof.
  • Built-up tar roofs can “crack” in the cold temperatures when they are nearing the end of their lifespan.  Weathercraft can repair some of these issues and help you develop a long-term maintenance program.
  • Metal roofs can leak in the winter as seams open up when the metal expands and contracts due to varying temperatures.  Snow and ice can also get into metal seams and open them up further.  We can temporarily repair these items as needed.
  • PVC roofs can actually “shatter” in extreme cold temperatures when they are at the end of their lifespan.  Weathercraft Roofing has crews working year round that can spring into action when these types of emergencies occur.

Residential Roofing:

  • Ice damming can occur on sloped roofs, such as the kind on your home, as snow melts and turns to ice.  The ice can actually “crawl” up underneath shingles and cause water to get into the attic space of your home and leak into your living area.   It can also cause damage to the soffit just outside the house.  Special protective materials can be installed on your home to help prevent this from happening.  Weathercraft Roofing is qualified to install all roofing products and accessories.

Don’t let the leaks that can come with cold temperatures, snow and winter weather get you down!  Contact Weathercraft Roofing today for a free estimate to repair your roof!

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Winter weather damage to your roof? Leaks? Send us a message today to schedule a free estimate to repair or replace!

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