Cold weather causing issues with your garage door?

Winter Damage | Garage Doors | Cold Weather | North Platte | Overhead Door
Winter Damage | Broken Spring | Cold Weather | Overhead Door | North Platte

Cold weather is upon us and it often wrecks havoc on your garage door in both your home or business.   Here are some common problems that can cause damage during winter months:

  • Improper Lubrication.  Cold weather has an effect on the metal components of your garage door, which may cause the door to become stuck to the track that guides it when opening or closing.  It’s important to use a good quality lubricant on the rollers and hinges to keep the door running smoothly.
  • Damaged Weatherstripping.  When water freezes near a closed garage door in cold weather, it can lead to the weatherstripping sticking to the ground.  When you raise the door, the strip peels and you lose the proper sealing that insulates your garages interior.  Brush away snow and puddles often to prevent this from happening.
  • Dirty Photo Eyes.  The salt and and that are often used to treat icy roads can be carried into your garage by your car tires.  The grime eats away at the electronics in your garage door opener’s motor.  It can also obstruct the safety sensors (photo eyes) which detect obstructions, such as family pets, people or your car itself.  When obstructed, they can cause the door to shut on objects underneath.  Keep them wiped off and free from dirt.
  • Broken Springs.  When temperatures drop, garage door springs are more likely to break, especially if they have been used over the course of several years.  Cold weather can result in stiff, brittle metal springs, which can snap under the weight of the opening or closing of the door, potentially causing damage to the door.  If this happens, contact Overhead Door Company of North Platte.  Our professional, experienced technicians can replace most types of springs.

Preventative Maintenance

Don’t let cold weather get you down, call today to schedule your preventative maintenance!

We strongly recommend implementing a preventative maintenance program, as it will help extend the life of your door and keep it running smoothly all year long.  Benefits of properly maintaining your door system include:

  • Increased operational efficiency and reliability
  • Extended useful life of your equipment
  • Increased probability of dependable equipment performance
  • Elimination of non-budgeted maintenance cost for door service

We will inspect, lubricate and tighten all of the parts and pieces on both your garage door and electric operator to make sure that they are in proper working condition.   You will have the option to replace parts that are starting to wear out as well.  This service is offered to all of the areas that we service garage doors, including North Platte, Ogallala, Lexington, Broken Bow and McCook.

Contact a salesman today to learn more about how a Preventative Maintenance can keep your garage door running smoothly for many years to come!

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