Weathercraft Services

The Weathercraft Difference

“The Weathercraft Difference”
Weathercraft provides a number of services designed to help our customers rectify challenges with their roofs, exteriors, and garage doors. Should our customers need to replace or install new products, we feature a professional sales force with experience, knowledge, training and education to help you make the best decision for your situation. We employ experienced installers and repair crews that we hold to the highest quality standards. We partner with experienced and credible manufacturers that produce the highest quality products for us to install. Weathercraft has been in business for more than 40 years and has a stable foundation with which to honor manufacturer warranties and to stand behind our work.

List of Services

Service work
Many companies offer replacement roofs, siding, gutters, and overhead doors, but do not offer to do service work on their products. At Weathercraft, all of our departments have the ability to do service work, which allows us to do repairs, temporarily patch until the replacement can be done, and come back to adjust our products after installation.

Free Estimates
Weathercraft has a large professional sales force on call to meet with our customers and to determine their needs. Weathercraft provides free estimates on how to solve the problem and make recommendations to the home or building owner.

Insurance Claim Process
Our sales force are experts in the insurance claim process. We fully understand how insurance companies operate from the time our customers turn in a claim to what they need to see on a Weathercraft invoice when the work is completed. We often deal directly with insurance claim adjusters to achieve agreed-upon pricing for our customers. Insurance adjusters appreciate our professionalism and our ability to comprehend coverable conditions. Our customers often comment on how informative we are when working on their insurance claim.

Firm Quotes
Weathercraft prides itself in minimizing “change orders” on projects. Because we have so much knowledge about our industries, our customers rarely find surprises outside the scope of work described in their proposals. Many contractors underbid projects to get the work and then attempt to increase the project billing by doing “change orders” to the point that it becomes part of their process. Outside of a new construction project or a surprise in roof decking or door opening that cannot be determined before removal of the old products, Weathercraft customers typically see their billings match exactly with their proposals.

Weathercraft is willing to share its expertise with homeowners by doing a professional inspection on a home or building to assist the owner in determining what work needs to be completed. Weathercraft may charge a small fee for this service, depending on the situation.

Weathercraft understands the differences in material, labor, workmanship and manufacturer warranties. These types of warranties vary in their concepts and backing. Weathercraft partners with the manufacturers of our quality products to provide the industry’s best warranties and handles all of the registration and bookkeeping requirements. Weathercraft also assists our customers in turning in material warranties and filling out the required paperwork. See our “FAQ” section to learn more about different warranties.

Record Keeping
Weathercraft keeps records on every job we have completed clear back to job No. 1 in 1976. Should our customers have questions about their projects and when they were installed, we can provide that information for them.

Insurance Coverage
Weathercraft is fully insured and bonded, meaning that our customers are protected from the unlikely event an accident occurs on our project. People who hire contractors who are not fully insured have the risk that if an accident occurs on the project, they (or their property insurance company) can be sued. Please see our “insurance and bonding” section for details on our coverage.

Weathercraft prides itself on having one of the most complete safety programs in the nation. In 2003, we adopted the full recommended safety plan created by the OSHA and the NPCA (National Roofing Contractors Association). It involves full safety training of all Weathercraft Employees, retraining of all employees every year, pre-job safety outlines and job site inspections.