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The Sharon Springs, St Francis, Oakley and Bird City areas recently received large hail capable of causing extensive damage to roof systems. The Kit Carson county area in Colorado recently received large hail & heavy winds capable of causing damage to roof systems.  The life of your roof could be drastically reduced even if damage is not obvious.  Weathercraft is qualified to repair/replace any type of roofing system and has extensive knowledge of the insurance claim process.  Weathercraft can also handle your siding, gutter, garage door and window needs.

  • Serving the area for over a decade, we have a permanent local office in Goodland, KS. We stand behind our work and are just a phone call away should you experience any problems with your new roof system or repairs.
  • We will do the work for the amount of the roofing portion of your insurance adjustment. No need to get estimates.  Simply call Weathercraft, pick a shingle color and we handle the rest.  Nothing could be easier!
  • Most insurance adjustments involve a ‘holdback’ of 50%, which means you get half of the work money now and half when the job is complete. We invoice you when the job is finished, then wait until your insurance company pays you before we expect holdback payment.
  • In the last eight years, Weathercraft has completed over 35 jobs in Sharon Springs, 40 jobs in Bird City, 80 jobs in Oakley and 150 jobs in St Francis.  Weathercraft has also completed over 180 jobs in the Kit Carson county area in the last twelve years.
  • Weathercraft has IMMEDIATE availability to meet with you & get the job done!

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Weathercraft Roofing can answer all your roofing repair and replacement shingle questions

  • What are the diffferences in the types of roofing shingles?
  • How much does it cost to repair roof shingles?
  • Storm Damage shingle roof replacement cost estimates?
  • How roofing rates per square foot are figured for insurance claims?
  • Roofing shingles reviews – What should I look for in a roofing shingle?
  • What are the best roofing materials for my area?
  • What type of warranty does Weathercraft offer on roofing shingles, installation, repair, and replacement?
  • How much do roof shingles cost per square foot?
  • What should I look for in a roofing warranty?

Weathercraft Roofing can give expert advice on roofing repair and replacement

  • Advantages of a new roof.
  • Weathercraft professional roofing solutions for storm related issues.
  • Are all roofing contractors licensed and insured?
  • Roofing construction basics. From roof repairs to roof replacement.
  • What kind of underlayment should be installed?
  • Roofing contractor licenses – local roofing contractors vs. storm chasers.
  • Metal roofing vs. other types of roofing?

With offices in 15 different locations in five states, Weathercraft Roofing can handle all of your roofing, siding, guttering and Overhead Door storm damage needs.  CONTACT US today for more information.